The knowledge society has been feeling this truth that the computer education is necessary for the different segments of higher education. Today basic education is including the basic computer education from the initial classes. Today the computer education should be displaced from the highly education programs to the basic classes otherwise there is no academic value.

Generally the gender difference can be seen in the computer education. However, the male students are generally found to be inclined towards the computer literacy. This fact is nothing to do with the competition between the males and the females that who is better than the other. This fact is generally associated to the quantity of the male and female students.

As like the gender differences, another factor of study branch also effects the computer literacy. Generally it is seen that the students of the technical branches are more inclined towards the computer education and have the higher success rate than the social sciences and medical students.

It is also needed to get the high differentiate of the computer education in the bachelor and master level students. Today the basic need for every student to provide the self assessment tools so that they can take the responsibility of the internet information they are getting from the different sources.

The another success factor is associated to the computer literacy and education that how much a student interacts with the internet. The level of mastery increases with the practical exposure. It does not mean that the education level is not necessary for the students. The knowledge level of social media networking, posting & reviewing internet should be there in students.   

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